Learn how to write a play from an experienced playwright and trained teacher.

MIke Heath, playwright
Mike Heath, playwright and tutor


How to write a play.

Mike Heath (MA/PGCE) is an acclaimed playwright with 20 years of experience of writing for the stage, radio, and screen.

He has a distinction MA in Creative Writing (Playwriting) and nearly 30 years of teaching experience. He teaches playwriting and screenwriting at degree level and has helped many first-time playwrights establish a career in theatre, TV, and radio.

The WriteForTheStage online playwriting courses offer:

  • Structured teaching and learning
  • A public reading of your work after 10 weeks
  • Intensive feedback and group learning
  • One-to-one support
Go from Page to Stage in 10 Weeks


Courses for all levels

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced playwright, our online playwriting courses are designed to offer support and guidance from spark to first draft (and beyond).

Learn how to write a play at your own rate, in a supportive environment with other playwrights at various stages of their playwriting journey.

Take your script from page to stage with a public sharing online and in-person at our home, The Kings Arms Theatre in Salford, England.

“The WriteForTheStage courses were my very first experience of writing for theatre.  Previously my creative writing was limited to blogging and a few failed attempts at putting together short stories and poems.
The playwriting courses taught me how to structure my writing for best effect and how to really develop robust and believable characters.  Once established the characters practically wrote their own lines and the story came to life.
The tutoring style was relaxed, supportive and really allowed for creativity to flow in an environment which nurtured new ideas without ever making me feel that my ideas were wrong or silly.   Particularly useful when writing such a far-fetched comedy!
Without the WriteForTheStage courses Barbara the Zoo Keeper would never have made it.”

Richard Douglas
Events & Training Manager

“I signed up to do the WriteForTheStage Advanced course because I wanted to write a longer piece of theatre and one of the aims of the course was to write a 60 minute play. Up to then I had only written “shorts” of up to fifteen minutes but had some success, winning several local competitions and having work performed at Oldham Coliseum’s First Break Festival 2013 and Hebden Bridge Arts Festival in June 2013.

In the first few weeks of the course, Mike did a lot of exercises to generate ideas and encourage us to get something down on the page without censoring ourselves. We did a lot of work around structure, and I think this work really paid off when it came to the feedback I received.

Mike was so supportive and generous with his time, giving individual feedback via one-to-ones outside the weekly classes and writing detailed notes on numerous drafts. It was fantastic (and a bit scary) to have our work read by professional actors and hear their feedback, plus get the audience’s perspective at Development week.

I feel I have become a more skilled and confident playwright!”

Naomi Sumner


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