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Plays: One is Mike Heath’s first collection of critically acclaimed comedies, spanning 2003-2009. Performed extensively around the North West of England, Wales and Western Australia, this is the first time these plays have been in print together as a celebration of his early work.

Includes: The Game of Two Halves, The Rise & Demise of Kenneth Kennedy-Smythe, Cake, Hotshot, and Plus One…?

This collection of two-handers celebrates the intimacy of storytelling between two characters. From the prophetic Rise & Demise of Kenneth Kennedy-Smythe to Les & Ali’s Big Balearic Adventure, follow the path of concentrated stories driven by passion, desire, and political unrest. Funny, intriguing, and massively popular with audiences, this collection shares some of Mike Heath’s most tightly scripted plays.

Includes: The Rise & Demise of Kenneth Kennedy-Smythe, EighteenThe Big Things, the odd and experimental (?), and Les & Ali’s Big Balearic Adventure.

This collection of three-handers explores the power dynamic of three characters fighting for supremacy. From the dark and challenging The Call of Nature to the hilarious and enduring Game of Two Halves and the time-travelling mystery of Spectre, explore this selection of Mike Heath’s darkest, funniest plays for three actors. 

Includes: The Call of Nature, The Game of Two Halves, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Avoidance, boyfriend stroke husband, and Spectre

When Al discovers Caroline on Facebook, eighteen years after they were going out, he finds her in a bad place – soon to be divorced, still living in the hometown he has more or less deserted, and desperately lonely. So when she comes up north to visit, neither are quite prepared to face the past that ties them together. Secrets revealed; secrets kept. The eighth stage play by award-winning playwright, Mike Heath.

Les and Ali nearly bankrupted themselves with a wedding that neither of them particularly enjoyed. Now they’re on their honeymoon in Ibiza, they can finally relax. But relaxation doesn’t come easily to Les, who harbours a secret that threatens their livelihood, and maybe staying in Ibiza is more appealing than going home and facing the music. After all, Britain doesn’t really seem that Great anymore.

For anyone who has ever wanted to stay on holiday forever.

Sharp & witty. A complete joy! – Canal-St.co.uk

Fun & uplifting – NorthWestEnd.com

Warm-hearted…A fine comedy – British Theatre Guide

Grace has always felt different. She lives to a different rhythm. She meets Malcolm and falls in love, but even that she can’t do without people staring. When she and Malcolm decide to have a baby, the ensuing challenges leave her questioning everything she knows about life. How can your family love you when they can’t understand you? How can you be a good mother when you’re not like everyone else? Shortlisted for the BBC Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2016, The Big Things is a tragi-comic play about love, parenthood, and defining and defying what it means to be normal.

Claire hasn’t left the flat for 3 months after husband, Pierre, unceremoniously left her. Jimmy has an idea that he thinks will bring her back to the life of the living. But Andy (Jimmy’s boyfriend) has other ideas about what might cheer her up.

A dramatic comedy about artificial insemination, infidelity and living forever.

The Americans have struck France with no apparent motive. Kenneth, war correspondant for the BBC, finds himself publicly disgraced and silenced after expressing personal disgust at the actions of the attackers.

Kenneth’s girlfriend, Jennifer, royal correspondent for the BBC and ceaseless social climber, finds herself caught up in a propaganda trap after being given a position of media power. Her task – to detract the media away from the war…

Abe is training to be a Catholic priest, but some of what he is told to preach doesn’t sit comfortably, especially the stuff about sex and love. The night before his ordination, he goes out to find out who he is, what he wants and whether he should complete his training. Picked up as a rave-pet by Gaby and Adam, tonight’s events will change everything forever.

Should they save God from the church?

A play about sex, love, religion and the roots of homophobia.

Books by WriteForTheStage alumni

A black comedy that centres around the Nolans and their neighbours, Doug and Sheila, as they gather around the coffin of the dearly departed Sal. What lies ahead is a seance and a reconciliation with the past. What lies beneath the coffin is a small fortune.

Bleeding With Mother is a brand new play about mortality, morality, money and family.

Developed through the WFTS Intro and Advanced courses.

Barbara McDougal always dreamed of being a zoo keeper and now she is one. The trouble is, the animals keep meeting untimely ends and well-meaning Barbara is nearly always inadvertantly responsible.

Meet Barbara, Judith and Fleetwood and find out all about the Giant Panda Plan, who has custody of Filthy Allen and what exactly happened to Racist Julie…?

Barbara The Zoo Keeper is the first production from Write4TheStage Productions – the production wing of Studio Salford Write For The Stage courses. This piece has been developed through the Intro and Advanced courses.

What does it mean to love, honour and obey? Esther and Natalie are in love and want the approval of those they care about. But Esther’s brother, Caleb, thinks that God doesn’t approve. Should they play things by The Book and cancel their plans for marriage? Will faith and family determine who they love?

Developed through the WFTS Advance course.