Finding Starting Points

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Finding Starting Points

This short course is suitable for complete beginners or for seasoned playwrights or creative writers looking for some inspiration.

Got writer’s block? Use this course to formulate your thoughts and find out exactly what you’re trying to say.

You’ll have one-month’s access to the content.

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Starting Points are the hardest part

Sometimes, finding the right starting point is the trickiest part of finding something new to write about. Perhaps you feel stuck and unsure how to approach your next piece. Or maybe you’ve never written a stage play before, and you need some guidance to get started.

From total beginners to seasoned playwrights, this module is for you. We all need some help articulating our thoughts into tangible concepts sometimes, and this module uses tried-and-tested techniques.

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Write with a pen

While it’s fine to use your computer to complete this module, I personally prefer using old-school pen and paper for writing exercises.

Get yourself a dedicated notebook and a pen that feels lovely to write with. And keep your notes as you work.

The aim is to write fast without editing yourself as you go. Resist the temptation to cross words, phrases, or sentences out as you write – go with the flow and DISCOVER what it is you’re trying to say.

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Suitable for playwrights, authors, and poets

While we focus on playwriting at WriteForTheStage, writers from other mediums have found this module useful in developing the ideas for their next piece of work.

From poets to novelists and everything in between, the Finding Starting Points module will guide you through a programme of exercises that organically draws the ideas out of you and onto the page.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Discover what you want to say

Guided exercises that help you find a theme, characters, and a world for your story.

Get your ideas out of your head

Ideas are often in the ether. Our exercises help guide you towards them.

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Have a one-to-one with Mike

Each course comes with a 30-minute Zoom meeting with Mike to discuss your work.

MIke Heath, playwright

Meet Mike

Discussing your idea in confidence is a great way to help formalise your ideas.

Book a session with Mike once you’ve completed the module, and he’ll help you find the right starting point for your story.


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