Finding Starting Points

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This short course is suitable for complete beginners or seasoned playwrights looking for some inspiration.


This short course is suitable for complete beginners or seasoned playwrights looking for some inspiration.

Got writer’s block? Use this course of guided exercises to formulate your thoughts and find out exactly what you’re trying to say.

You’ll have one-month’s access to the content. Find out more about the course here.

5 reviews for Finding Starting Points

  1. Michael Rumney (verified owner)

    The Finding Starting Points course is an excellent resource for anybody wanting to write a play, novel or short story which has characters in them. Divided into three easy to follow modules, (the first module can be used for writing poetry) the course shows the difference between plot and theme and lets the writer answer the question, what is your work about? One tip having done the course, allow yourself time between modules, (at least an hour) to reflect on what you have written previously. The course allows you to produce an idea, progress a theme and develop characters in a way you may not have considered. With this course you will never be short of ideas. As part of the course Mike is offering an on-line 30 minute feedback for anyone completing the course. Invaluable for anyone wanting to take their work forward.

    • Mike Heath

      Thanks for the feedback, Michael. And thanks for the tip about leaving time between the lessons! A great idea. Thanks.

  2. Suzanne Robertshaw (verified owner)

    This course really helped me as a first time writer to formulate ideas and build characters. It brought structure and deadlines to my writing process and the constant prompts and reflection questions really helped me to delve deeper into what I was writing. It is full of nuggets (that I don’t want to give away) that I would never have thought of, had I not done the course. My confidence as a writer was really boosted after I completed the course and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of writing for a stage play.

    • Mike Heath

      Thank you for your feedback. Really glad the course was useful. 🙂

  3. Kieron Callow (verified owner)

    Brilliant resource for first-time writers, experienced authors and anyone in between.

    The course was pitched at a perfect level and helped elicit all the individual elements for writing an original piece – from finding characters to developing plot – in 3 comfortable and easy lessons.
    There’s also some great techniques for generatimg new ideas and for keeping the creativity flowing.
    I also love how Mike’s course could be used for writing poetry, prose or for the stage. Highly recommended – thanks!

    • Mike Heath

      Thanks, Kieron. 👍 I’m happy you found it helpful.

  4. Sarah Cassidy (verified owner)

    This course is perfect for both a new writer, but also a writer who has written a number of pieces and is struggling to find the inspiration for a new piece of writing (like I am/was).

    Mike’s course is just the tonic for finding a starting point, and having just completed the three modules I now have a theme, draft outlines for characters and a starting point for a brand new piece of writing.

    I particularly found module 1 to be really helpful in breaking down what I need to write next. I enjoy the timed tasks that were given, and i didn’t feel any pressure to come up with something spectacular as Mike gives us a suggestion for what to do if we are blocked during those timed exercises. As it was, I wasn’t actually blocked – I have a lot of things that I would like to write about, and through Mike’s guidance I narrowed this down to one theme and by the end of the course I have a solid starting point. I find being able to pause and then restart the exercise to be super helpful.

    Highly recommend this course.

    • Mike Heath

      Thanks for your comments, Sarah! Glad it was useful!

  5. Anna Macgowan (verified owner)

    40k words into my novel I’d ground to a halt. Totally stuck and no idea why it wasn’t working. This course broke the block by taking me right back to basics and clarifying the central themes and character motivations. A life-saver! Am now back on track with it all thanks to Mike and his unique, clear and motivating approach. Highly recommend for any writer. Thanks Mike

    • Mike Heath

      Thanks, Anna. Made up that it worked well for you!

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